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Does it seem like everywhere you look there are sick people? Maybe you are one of them? You have tried a number of therapies to no avail? You have had countless tests and scans and have spent a lot of money? No answers? Or the solutions you found were more troublesome than your original issues? Do you find it amazing that with all the wealth and education in this country we have so few answers to some basic issues...such as how to be healthy? 

We're here to help

You might want to look through this website and see if anything here resonates with you. If you feel like it makes some sense you may want to explore further and/or call for a consultation. This is a small, niche business. We have clients from various parts of the US and nearly 100% of them are by personal referral. We stay busy. Hopefully this web site will answer some questions and take some pressure off of us in answering all of them personally. The person who referred you to this site may be also be able to answer your questions. If you don't like what you see here, that is fine. The internet abounds with other practitioners who seek to help people wholistically.  I trust you will find the right place for yourself! 

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1. Where are you located?
We are located at 112 N. Main St. Inman, KS 67546
2. What are your hours?
Our hours are 10-5 weekdays. We sometimes do consults by appointment on Saturday mornings.
3. Can natural supplements hurt me?
Yes and No. It depends.
4. Can herbs really help me?
Yes and No. It depends.

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About Us

The Herb House is a small business located in the nice little town of Inman KS. The Herb House is so named because it started in a house over 30 years ago. Later we moved the shop to town.  Back then it was mostly about herbs. The herbs that I used and distributed then were Nature's Sunshine. I still am happy to use and sell their excellent products although I do now use a few (very few) from other companies. I also have seen amazing results with home may have some "helpers" for your health in your own house, your garage, your local grocery store, your hardware store...if you only knew how and when and what! 

Meet Connie

As you will see when you read the bio page, I have been about natural healing and healthy living for many years. God has granted me this unexpected opportunity to serve and help others. I am amazed. God is amazing. I am just an ordinary person seeking to help other ordinary people. If you fit that description you can first learn how to help yourself to better health and then you just may be able to also help others. 

Live a healthy life starting today!

Give your body the tools to heal. You will be amazed at what it can do. Healthy living is just around the corner! Don't wait, call today! (620) 585-2556