Helping you help yourself to better Health!

Hello! Welcome to this web site. I assume you are here because you might be looking for some answers for your health. You could go many places on the internet, so thanks for giving this a sneak peak.

Before you decide where you want to find some answers you probably want to know a little bit about myself, my shop and the whole operation. So I will give you a brief bio starting at the beginning. 

I grew up on a farm. Yes, about 25 years behind the times you might say. We raised a lot of our own food in our garden, we canned vegetables, fruit, meat; we butchered our own chickens and pigs and beef and we had plenty of raw milk and cream. We had food from scratch... homemade bread, soup, pies, and all those goodies. Not a lot of cash, but always plenty of food! 

After high school, I went to junior college, spent a year in Germany, and then back to K-State where I graduated with a degree in Foods and Nutrition. I always liked to cook and F&N seemed the easy route for getting a college degree. Home Ec courses were always easy. (They don't really call it Home Ec anymore!)

After college I got married and eventually had five children. About the time of the last one, my husband had a recurring bout with an illness he had had all his life. By the providence of God through a kind older man, we were directed to a lady who used herbs. After only a short time, my husband was well and has not had the problem since...that was over 30 years ago!

I had always had an off and on again interest  in health and nutrition. I was confused. The reading I did was  swaying me in one direction or another. (No internet back then!) Now I had five children, a college education, and I was basically clueless. What to do when a child had a fever? a cough? an ear ache? Was it serious? was it minor? was it deadly? I honestly was quite ignorant.

Thus when my husband got well and I was introduced to herbs I took off like a rocket. I HAD to learn more. I mean I was hooked! So I learned more. I bought books. I took classes. The Bible says, "Buy truth and do not sell it." Well, I bought and it was a good investment. 

Now for many years I have been teaching classes and trying to help others be empowered to have the knowledge they need to care for their health.  It has been a remarkable, unplanned trip which never was on my radar 40 years ago. God is amazing! As I look back I am very humbled to be a tool which He has used in the lives of many. I am absolutely overwhelmed at times when I see how He gives such simple "foolish" remedies to achieve such grand results. Right now you may have in your house or your yard some of the answers to your health dilemmas...and you don't even know it!

I am not a "science" person. I really didn't like those courses. However, everything is about science...everything....but the part we know is just a little. Everything God creates is amazing and has an "infiniteness" to God Himself is. Thus if we wait for "science" to discover our answers we may have to wait a long time because...there is always more to know...and personally...I don't want to be someone's experiment UNLESS their solutions are risk free. 

Yes, I believe that in taking care of your health you can use remedies that are risk free. Not only risk free, but inexpensive, easily available, painless and affordable for anyone. Doesn't that seem reasonable? Don't you think a loving God would arrange it that way? Would He cater to only the rich? The educated? The influential? The sophistry? No, a loving God has answers for people in every socio economic level. I have found though, that not all people are open to simple answers. Many prefer the expensive, the painful, the "scientific," the advice of "experts." If they did a little bit of research they would find out that the "scientific" isn't exactly so and that there are no experts. Some people know more about some things than others. That's all. 

You are a person with a specific identity and "fingerprint" all your own. The "one size fits all" plans sometimes do not work. If you are interested in some specifics for yourself, this may be a good place to check out. 

The work we do at The Herb House can help you focus on your specific issues and therapies which will work for you. It is painless and inexpensive but it is up to you to decide if you want to be well and if you are willing to assert the disciplines and routines necessary to achieve your goal. It will all be outlined for you during a consultation. 

Getting well is not a quick "take a few pills routine" and then wa!la! you are well! It took time and some bad choices (usually) to become unhealthy. It takes time to retrace, remove the disease and lack of health to regain what you have lost. 

I cannot make you well. I am not a healer. Your body needs to heal itself. You have one are the steward of it...and you make the choices to determine how it will go.  God designed the body to heal itself, but whether or not you cooperate is up to you. 

My part is be your teacher, your coach and your cheerleader!