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From Indiana: My journey toward natural health has been a progression over the past several years because of health issues I faced and because of my growing faith in God and the way he created our bodies to heal themselves. My husband and I have been married for almost 7 years and have struggled to conceive and maintain a pregnancy during that time. We have had 6 unsuccessful pregnancies, each ending in the 1st trimester. After 5 different doctors and a couple surgeries I was worse off than when I started. One doctor shrugged off my recurring pain and general sense of feeling unwell (constant brain fog, exhaustion, digestive issues, severe cramps, etc) as attributed to the fact I was "getting older"; not ironically, it was immediately after my first D&C to remove baby#2. I was only 29 at the time and angry at the Dr’s ignorance. (Both another Dr and Connie later said that surgery did, in fact, cause severe issues and possibly some of my next miscarriages.) In 2013, I finally found a new Dr that balanced modern medicine with a more holistic approach. He showed me how to change certain lifestyle habits and eat for optimal health; a model similar to what Connie recommends. Under his care, though it was more natural, he was still providing me with medications that have “proved in similar cases to help with a full term pregnancy.” Though tests didn’t show I needed them, I was on blood thinners and hormone supplements my last 3 pregnancies, while wondering if it was really good for me or my baby. I was beginning to feel like a science experiment. After life-threatening complications during my last miscarriage from the blood thinners, I was ready to be done with Dr’s and their medicine. (I do believe there is a place for them, just not quite as prominent as it has been made to be!) The next option the Dr had for us was tests that were not covered by insurance and very costly. During this time, my faith in God was growing and I was praying for his guidance. I had no peace about pursuing further medical options, so when family mentioned Connie I thought it was worth checking into – after all it was much cheaper than what my Dr was suggesting! I have felt my body continue to heal from the (crazy) things Connie has had me do along with knowing God is healing me too. I finally know now this suffering has not been in vain and He works all things for the good of his children! After working with Connie for over a year, I am now pursuing a natural pregnancy, free of prescription drugs and am currently 5 months pregnant! As I type, the baby has just started kicking as if to remind me this time around is so much different.


From Texas: I got into natural medicine because after almost 6 years of trying, I had 4 miscarriages (3 within a year) and NO help from doctors. They all told me everything about me was perfect and with each miscarriage they said well you look great, we'll wait and see what happens with the next one. I had a close friend who knew I wanted a baby more than anything told me about Connie. After 5 months with Connie I got pregnant and this one has been so wonderful! He is due in March and NO problems so far! Our girls have also benefited so much from Connie's help. Our oldest was sick with strep and stomach problems for months at a time and now we've been months without a problem. Our youngest had serious allergy problems and has benefited tremendously. My husband was on numerous medications and now takes none. I'm still VERY new to natural medicine and usually have more questions than knowledge. But I'm loving the path we've taken and am so glad we are cutting doctor visits down!


From another mom: I started our path of natural healing about 4 years ago. My son was in 5th grade. He had been diagnosed with ADHD since kdg. and we had started meds shortly after. The 4 meds he was on were no longer working for him so we were about to start the process of weaning him off of all the meds to try new ones for him since he was maxed out on the current ones. We had just had him tested for Aspergers and we were waiting on the results from that. I reconnected with a friend from High School  and she told me about Connie and how she had helped her son. Perfect timing! I mean if I can give him supplements to help his behaviors and social issues while we were starting new meds, perhaps that would help curb things from getting out of control. (My way of thinking at the time) Well, he never started any new meds and we weaned him off the old ones at the rate his body needed to be done. we are, wrapping up the 8th grade with my son. I sent Connie the update for him today since we don't talk as often as we used to. I opened his grade card this morning and his lowest grade is a B+ and he came home from school yesterday telling us he had gotten the lead in the school musical. This was the first year that I had gone into conferences and almost every teacher told me he was a joy to have. it does get better. There is no magic pill and it does not happen quickly. In fact, at the end of 6th grade and the beginning of 7th, Connie suggested I pull him out of school to give him a year to mature. That was what it was going to take. A YEAR. He begged us not to do that so we parented him through it. Well, here we are, and he is MED FREE for the 3rd year and also not taking any supplements daily. I continue to test him and "treat" as problems arise but for any of you that this is speaking to, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.